How it Works

Haze Square

Haze Square Charger

1. Fully charge Haze Square with Wall Outlet Charger before first use (For Pro version you may also use USB-C cable attached to a computer for faster charging).

• When plugged into the Wall Outlet Charger or USB Charger the Haze Square Start Button back light color will blink red to indicate the Haze Square is charging. The back light will turn solid green to indicate when battery is completely charged.

Unlock Square & Open Lid

2. Once fully charged, open the lid to reveal material pods. To open lid, rotate lock till middle line is horizontal.

• Carefully remove lid from Square. All parts within the lid can be removed for easy deep cleaning.

• To remove tray from lid. On one side of the lid is an interlocking tab. This tab is used to secure the tray to the lid and also provide a gripping area to assist in separating the tray from the lid. The tray will include four versatile Material Pods.

Utilizing the Material Pod

3. Fill Material Pod with dry concentrate or liquids

• For dry herb, fill the Material Pod with FINE ground herbs to the top of the pod and tamp the material down into place. The material should be pressed firmly into the pod so that there is no loose or floating materials. You may experiment with grind consistency and fill level to meet your preference.

– Silicone lid is not required for dry material but can be used for travelling/storage. Stainless Steel Concentrate pad should not be used with dried herb.

• For concentrates, remove Silicone Lid from Material Pod and place one or several dabs of concentrate directly onto a Stainless Steel Concentrate Pad. Secure Silicone Lid back to Material Pod.

• For liquids, remove Silicone Lid from Material Pod and place 6-8 drops of liquid onto Concentrate Pad. DO NOT OVERFILL! Pad should be damp with liquid but not soaked and certainly not swimming. Secure Silicone Lid back onto Material Pod.

• Any arrangement of the 4 Material Pods can be used in any order (All 4 dry, all 4 concentrate, 2 and 2 or 1 and 3 whatever your preference may be).

Place Pods back into tray

4. Place Material Pods back into tray if removed while filling materials.

tray and lid

5.Secure tray back to inside of lid.

Lock lid back into place

6. Place lid onto Square and turn lid lock back to the vertical.

lock / unlocked

7. Remove Mouthpiece from bottom corner of Square and insert into air path at top of device next to temperature adjusting buttons.


8. To power on the Haze Square, triple tap Start Button (quickly and consecutively).

• You may use the Start Button to turn the Square on (3 taps) or off (3 taps).

• To check battery life while unit is turned off, press and hold Start Button for 3 seconds. The Start Button back light will then glow a color indicating current battery life. Green represents a full or close to full charge. Next is yellow indicating a half charge followed by orange which means less than 35% and finally is red indicating very low or dead battery.

• To check battery life while unit is turned on, press and hold both temperature buttons simultaneously.

power on

9. To select a temperature, press the + or – buttons located next to the mouthpiece air path.

• The Start Button back light will transition from blue to red. The color tone of the back light represents the five temperature settings. Blue represents the lower temperatures (great for dry herbs and liquids) through to red signifying the higher temperatures (great for concentrates). Temperature settings are approximately 360, 370, 380, 390 and 430 °F. We encourage you to experiment with the temperatures to find your preferred or comfortable range (With Pro version, you may update your temperature presets to any temperature between 320-480 °F. Please download the Haze Square Pro App available for MAC and Windows 10 users).

select temperature

10. To select a chamber rotate lid to align the desired chamber with heating element.

• Heating element is located to the top left corner of the Square and is marked with the Heat Symbol. Corresponding Heat Symbol with Chamber Indicator Symbol will allow you to keep track of which pod or material is active.

power on

11. To heat oven to a desired temperature press and hold Start Button.

• A blinking Start Button indicates the Haze Square is actively heating chamber to temperature. The Start Button will turn Green and the Square will vibrate once when it is ready for use. Green means go and it’s time to draw! Like any on demand vaporizer you should expect slightly longer heat up times earlier in the session with lower temperature draws. Once the load is “heat soaked” you will be able to achieve improved vapor production with less wait time. Draw speed and pressure can also impact the vapor output. Try slowing your draw or speeding it up to impact your vapor production to your preference.


12. The Haze Square should be cleaned regularly to maintain optimum performance and functionality.

• For light cleanings use the provided Cleaning Brush or Material Tool to remove materials, dust or debris. Resinous metal parts may be wiped down with standard Isopropyl Alcohol Prep Pads.

• For deep cleaning all parts of the Haze Square lid and tray are removable and break down into individual pieces. We recommend to soak metal parts in Isopropyl Alcohol. Silicone parts should not be exposed to alcohol but instead can be cleaned using the Haze Organic Cleaning Solution which can be purchased from our store. (

• For deep cleaning of the lid we highly recommend purchasing the Easy Load / Deep Cleaning Tray. It is not required but will greatly assist in aligning the pieces back into the the lid. (SOLD SEPERATELY)


Click to download complete user guide.


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